Our Platform

Our Supply Chain Finance Platform

In a world still reliant on inflexible legacy technology and heavy spreadsheets, the Demica Platform is moving supply chain finance into the 21st century.

Continuous product development over 20 years, in partnership with global banks, has given the Platform market-leading functionality.

But transformation requires constant innovation.

Being native to the cloud, our product and technology teams continually and seamlessly release new Platform features based on our clients’ requirements.

A platform built for the future

Processing millions of invoices individually, our unique platform architecture breaks down each transaction into cashflow, financial events and workflow. The configuration of these components makes the platform highly customisable and flexible.

Architected as a cloud platform and built using micro-services which provides agility, scalability, and resilience.

The platform processes both high volumes of transactions as well as high volumes of data, our largest transaction contains over 3 million open invoices and is processed daily.

Our approach enables us to configure and automate any structure that a corporate and its bank have agreed, supported by interfaces with corporate ERPs, credit insurers, and bank back-office systems.

Integrations with multiple bank payment gateways enable us to automate real-time payment in over 30 countries.

Our Platform

Powered by cutting-edge technology

Our Asset Processing Engine uses Apache Spark, a lightning-fast analytics engine for big data and machine learning, to achieve scalability and insightful data analytics.

Users are provided with a rich and intuitive user experience that allows them to graphically configure and structure any type of transaction and provides dashboards that visualise the performance of their portfolio.

Using development techniques, the platform allows end users to test and track changes using versioning and pushing before promoting changes to production, eliminating the need to copy and rekey changes between different environments.

Our Platform

For Banks

A truly global platform offering multi-currency, multi-time zone and multi-lingual capabilities

White-label deployment to ensure your brand sits front-and-centre

Real-time transaction processing and full integration with core banking systems enables same-day payments

An intuitive, scalable, and reliable cloud-based platform to serve your digital-first customers

For Corporates

  • Access to a network of Platform of over 200 funders worldwide
  • Multi-product functionality to automate any transaction you need
  • Easy-to-use onboarding tools to help your programme succeed
  • Complete transparency and visibility of your transaction

New technologies and the use of APIs