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Partnering with private equity sponsors to transform working capital

We work with private equity sponsors to create working capital solutions for their portfolio companies, funding them through our network of 55 global banks and non-bank financial institutions.

With rising inflation and higher interest rates leading to a greater focus on liquidity and diversification of funding sources, we deliver working capital solutions that add value to your investments.

Private Equity Sponsors

Why do sponsors work with Demica?

Private Equity Sponsors

Independent expert advisory

Our team of experts analyse your portfolio to identify new opportunities for value creation. We advise on transaction structure and provide bespoke working capital solutions tailored to meet your financing objectives.

Private Equity Sponsors

Our global funder network

Working with Demica gives you access to a network of banks and institutional investors globally. This allows your companies to analyse funding proposals from a range of options and select the perfect funder for their specific needs.

Private Equity Sponsors

Our powerful platform

Our platform links all parties together and automates the reporting and management that these facilities require. We build the programme structure and our powerful platform delivers automated reporting.

Why do companies use working capital finance solutions?

Off-balance sheet: Upon sale, the receivables can be derecognised from a company’s balance sheet, freeing up capital without raising a debt obligation.

Global scope: Selling entities across Europe, North America and beyond can be included in a working capital finance programme.

Diversified funder universe: Includes banks, European factoring houses, private debt funds and specialist financial companies.

Private Equity Sponsors

Value creation through working capital finance

Our working capital finance guide for financial sponsors provides a simple framework that can be used to understand these solutions, and the ways in which they can be deployed to drive value.

Working capital guide for private equity sponsors

Some of the funders on the Demica Platform

Banco Sabadell
BNP Paribas

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Private Equity Sponsors

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