How we help corporates

We deliver large scale supply chain finance solutions

How our supply chain finance solutions help corporates

Supply chain finance is a suite of solutions that optimise working capital and release liquidity. Our platform manages each step of this process, providing the optimal solution for your working capital needs.


We build a business case to support your working capital needs.


We structure a solution, secure your funding and establish connectivity with the platform.


We implement your programme to deliver straight-through processing with your funder.

How we help corporates

Our supply chain finance solutions

How we help corporates

Trade Receivables Finance

Unlock cash to fund growth through the sale of your receivables 

How we help corporates

Trade Receivables Securitisation

Access cash by selling a large pool of receivables

Woman using Dynamic Discounting

Payables Finance

Secure your supply chain and optimise payment terms by setting up your suppliers for early payment

How we help corporates

Dynamic Discounting

Settle your invoices at a discounted rate by paying suppliers early 

Why corporates choose Demica

Discover how we helped TreviPay – a global B2B payments company – to reduce complexity by accessing a much-needed tailored solution to finance their business upsize.

We power a wide variety of corporate working capital needs

Your guide to working capital management

As borrowing rates soar and rising inflation continues, corporate treasurers are re-examining all options available to unlock cash. 

Download our guide to working capital management, in which we provide a simple framework to understand working capital management products, and the ways in which they can be deployed to drive value. 

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