How we help corporates

We deliver large scale supply chain finance solutions

We enable large companies to improve their cash conversion cycle by using supply chain finance programmes.

Our structuring, product and distribution experts design tailored financing solutions, giving you access to our network of funders. Once funding is lined up and project scope is defined, our implementation and project management teams take the weight off your treasury team to deliver projects on time and within budget.

Tap into Demica’s network of worldwide funders, best-in-class technology and financial expertise.

How we help corporates

How does Demica help?

Supply chain finance is a suite of solutions that optimise working capital and release liquidity. Our platform manages each step of this process, providing the optimal solution for your working capital needs.

How we help corporates

Helping TreviPay grow

Discover how we facilitated $215m of new liquidity through a Trade Receivables Securitisation for TreviPay, a global B2B payments company.

Our solutions

We facilitate tailored supply chain finance solutions through our market-leading platform, linking you to a network of over 200 funders. Whether you are looking to unlock cash trapped in your balance sheet or optimise cashflow to increase liquidity, we have the right solution to help your business grow.

Trade Receivables Finance

Enables companies to unlock cash trapped in their accounts receivables balance and reduce leverage through the direct sale of part, or all, of their receivables to a funder.

How we help corporates

Trade Receivables Securitisation

A capital market solution that enables a company to sell a large pool of diversified receivables, releasing capital and improving balance sheet and operating cash flow metrics.

How we help corporates

Payables Finance

Enables companies to optimise their cashflow and increase liquidity through the extension of payment terms with their suppliers, who may select to be paid early by enrolling in to the programme.

Woman using Dynamic Discounting

Dynamic Discounting

Provides corporates with flexibility to use their excess cash to settle invoices early and improve profitability while securing their supply chain health.

How we help corporates


Corporate programmes headquartered in 62 Countries


Suppliers in 135 countries receiving early payments on the platform


Banks and non-bank funders delivering financing programmes on our platform