Demica secures landmark $300m Receivables Finance transaction for the Klesch Group

Published 18th January 2022 by Demica in News

The Klesch Group, a major industrial commodities group, has secured a new financing deal worth $300m.

Powered by Demica, and funded by Coface Finanz, this will support the Klesch Group’s ongoing growth as it expands into new markets.

The non-recourse transaction provides the Klesch Group with an important new source of financing for its recently acquired refinery in Kalundborg, Denmark.

The programme supports Kalundborg Refinery’s working capital financing and enables it to continue growing the business. It will be implemented via Demica’s market-leading supply chain finance Platform, enabling automation of operational processes and facilitating data flow between all parties.

“We are delighted to have secured this landmark Receivables Finance transaction for Klesch Group, which represents one of the largest of its kind in the European market. We were able to help the Klesch Group and Coface Finanz structure a facility that met their requirements within a tight timeframe, with delivery of the transaction through the Demica Platform.”

Johannes Wehrmann, Demica’s Senior Director

About Klesch Group

The Klesch Group is a major industrial commodities group specialising in generating sustainable long-term value through disciplined investment, operational optimisation, and mitigation of business risk via commodities trading. Founded in 1990, with main offices in Geneva and London, the Group employs more than 1,000 people across 10 locations and six countries including operations in Germany, Switzerland, and the United Kingdom. The Group has a combined revenue of around €4.5 billion.

About Coface Finanz

With 75 years of experience and an extensive international network, Coface is a leader in trade credit insurance and adjacent specialty services, including Factoring, Debt Collection, Single Risk insurance, Bonding and Information services. Coface’s experts work to the beat of the global economy, helping ~50,000 clients in 100 countries build successful, growing, and dynamic businesses across the world. Coface helps companies in their credit decisions. The Group’s services and solutions strengthen their ability to sell by protecting them against the risks of non-payment in their domestic and export markets. In 2020, Coface employed ~4,450 people and registered a turnover of €1.45 billion

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