Dynamic Discounting

Dynamic Discounting

Optimise working capital for you and your suppliers

Operating a Dynamic Discounting programme allows you to negotiate discounts with your suppliers in exchange for paying invoices early.

Demica’s Early Settlement functionality works alongside our Payables Finance product, allowing you to easily switch between self-funding and bank-funding within the same programme. When you decide to stop deploying cash, banks will take over and your suppliers will keep receiving early payment.

What are the benefits of Dynamic Discounting with Demica?

Benefits for you


Working capital optimisation: Our solution gives buyers control over how to optimise their working capital, either focusing on operating margin improvement or cashflow retention.


Strong investment risk/return profile: Investing excess cash into your supply chain creates a very low-risk return.


Automated straight through processing: The Demica Platform automates operational processes, minimising time and effort.

Benefits for your suppliers


Funding security: Our early settlement functionality ensures suppliers receive early payment regardless of whether the buyer wants to self-fund the programme.


Cash flow management: The access to early payment helps suppliers’ cash flow as payments can be timed to suit their needs.


Alternative source of funding: By accessing this funding, suppliers frees up their existing financing lines and could finance at a lower cost.

How our platform powers your Dynamic Discounting programme

  • The intuitive Supplier Onboarding Tool automates the process of adding your suppliers to the programme.
  • Our lightning-fast analytics engine can process large amounts of data and makes it simple to scale.
  • User-friendly interface, with dashboards and reporting to give transparency and visibility of all your transactions.
Dynamic Discounting

We are a Dynamic Discounting provider with proven results

Our company has been working for over 20 years to build the market’s leading supply chain finance platform, with the power to deal with millions of invoice transactions daily. Its versatility and easy to use interface mean that we have the infrastructure to make your dynamic discounting programme a success.


Assets under Administration

Over $27bn Assets under Administration on the Demica Platform*


suppliers onboarded

Over 11,000 suppliers onboarded through Demica’s leading supplier onboarding tool



Over 50 languages and currencies currently supported

New Dynamic Discounting Programme for Shoprite

The programme, the first of its kind in the food retail industry in Africa, provides Shoprite’s suppliers with the opportunity to access capital when they need it.

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Dynamic Discounting

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Dynamic Discounting

Demica grows Assets under Administration 28% in 2022 to reach $27bn

*Assets under Administration are the total value of the receivables on the Demica platform across receivables and payables programs as at 31st December 2022.