Our multi-product Platform

One powerful platform, multiple products

Customisable to suit any trade finance structure, for more than 20 years the world’s leading banks have been using our Platform to help them deliver a range of supply chain finance products.

Our intuitive, cloud-based technology allows you to host your transactions with Demica and automate as much of your programme as suits you safely and efficiently. Set automatic limits and margins with eligibility criteria, customise supplier onboarding for different territories and currencies, and white label the platform to maintain consistently strong customer relationships at every stage of the customer journey.

Seller led

Trade Receivables

Used by clients to unlock working capital trapped in their receivables and regain control of cash flow.

Receivables Securitisation

Provide clients with commitment and diversification of funding sources as part of a Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) using an implied credit rating.

Our multi-product Platform

Buyer led

Approved Payables

Allows suppliers of your clients to be paid earlier for their goods and services, giving your clients greater liquidity through optimised payment terms.

Dynamic Discounting

Enable suppliers to settle their invoices before maturity at a discount.

Our multi-product Platform

Flexible Settlement (Early Settlement and Payment Extension)

Early Settlement: Empower buyers to improve P&L by automating the process of early settling invoices that offer discounts for prompt payment or those that have been assigned to a funder. This structure can be offered in combination with any other payables finance solutions including payment extension.

Payment Extension: Enable clients to delay payment of invoices by funding the invoice at its current term and allowing clients to pay you beyond maturity. This structure can be applied to both discounted and non-discounted invoices.

Our multi-product Platform

Supplier Onboarding

Utilise Demica’s comprehensive Supplier Onboarding Tool (SOT), which automates mass onboarding of, and marketing to suppliers, reducing operational burden for all stakeholders – buyer, funder and suppliers.

Our multi-product Platform

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