Demica Together

Demica Together

Our goal is to create an environment where every employee feels appreciated and listened to. We are dedicated to promoting an inclusive culture where individuals can express their true selves and feel a sense of belonging. Our three core teams, “IncluDE”, “Giving something Back”, and “Wellbeing”, are aimed at allowing our people to contribute to the creation of our culture.

Demica Together


2022 has marked the foundation of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion initiative at Demica with a number of talks, conferences, communications and festive events. This has ranged from Diwali, where our Hindi employees brought in mountains of treats to share and dressed in traditional clothing, to International Women’s Day where we heard from internal and external guest speakers on their experiences in the workplace. At Demica, there are 36 languages spoken amongst our colleagues and we want to make sure that every voice is heard.

Some of the occasions we have celebrated include

  • March: International Women’s Day
  • June: LGBTQIA+ Pride Month
  • September: Black History Month


languages spoken

Demica Together

Giving Something Back

During quarter two of 2022 we launched the Giving Something Back initiative. The aim was to give something back to the community as a company, helping those who need support, from supporting the victims of the ongoing conflict in Ukraine to providing a stepping stone for young people through Career Ready. Since starting Giving Something Back, we have raised over £7,000 for various causes. Other highlights include

  • Recognised International Humanitarian Day through a firm wide education session with two external speakers
  • Conducted a charity “Bring and Buy” auction to raise money for Save the Children
  • Supported Save the Children’s Christmas Jumper day in December
  • Working with Career Ready, a charity giving children their first taste of work and supporting them in their journey towards higher education with new mentors and internships



Demicans have raised over £7,000 since Q2 2022

Demica Together


At Demica we take the health of our employees very seriously. We set up the Wellness working group to make sure that we provide support and access to resources for our employees. During 2022 introduced several initiatives and events to raise awareness on wellbeing. These include:

  • World Mental Health Day Awareness
  • Movember, raise awareness of prostate and testicular cancer. This included a charity fundraiser
  • Mental Health Champions, Ronnie and Amber received their First Aid Level 2 Qualifications
  • Introduction of the Balance App
  • Meeting tips and best practices to help our people manage their calendars
  • World Suicide Prevention Day Awareness

We are proud of the engagement shown by all our colleagues which has set us in a great place to continue raising awareness during 2023.

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