Supporting the victims of the war in Ukraine

Supporting the victims of the war in Ukraine

Published 12th May 2022 by Demica in Blogs

What the people of Demica are doing to help those affected by the conflict.

The team at Demica have been horrified by the devastation brought about by the war in Ukraine. We have all been deeply moved by the scenes of human suffering caused by the conflict.

Working with our partners at Future Processing

Four weeks ago, members of our Product and Technology teams visited Warsaw, to celebrate five years of collaboration with our technology partners, Future Processing, headquartered in Poland. As well as offices in Poland, Future Processing also has a subsidiary, Future Processing Ukraine, based in Ternopil, in western Ukraine.

Through the conflict, teams across Future Processing have worked to support those affected by the war through a charity set up specifically to co-ordinate these efforts: Fundacja Aktywni My. These range from providing financial aid, to supporting refugees, to directly driving provisions across into Ukraine from Poland.

This work, of one of our closest partners, is both brave and deeply admirable, and we know is making a real difference for the victims of the conflict.

We are in close contact with our Future Processing partners to ensure we can help them continue to deliver real-world impacts.

What our colleagues are doing

Teams across Demica are currently competing in a “walk for Ukraine”, where teams are recording their miles walked over April. Collectively they are trying to walk a total of 1505 miles (the distance from London to Kiev)! At the end of the month colleagues will gather to compare scores while raising more money through raffles and staff bring-and-bake.

At the same time, we are aware of the need for physical supplies, so working with our partners we are co-ordinating efforts to transport lorries of essential provisions from the UK to Poland and on to Ukraine.

How you can help

To support our efforts, you can:

  1. Donate to the team at this link (all money raised goes directly to Fundacja Aktywni My, to support their work for victims of the war): FinTech for Ukraine
  2. To provide a donation of goods, we have several collection points, contact us to find out your local drop off point.