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The People Behind Demica

Jan 25, 2019

In the past 4 years, our business has grown from a small technology business serving the needs of banks to one which aspires to transform the way working capital is financed across the industry​. Two years ago 50 people worked here and we have grown to a workforce of circa mid-100’s and growing! We are a global business with a hugely diverse workforce including 42% for whom English is not a first language.

The drive to recruit and retain individuals of the highest calibre is a perpetual quest. People who are excited by the opportunity to make a visible difference, wanting the opportunity to continually stretch and test their skills.

This has presented us with a unique opportunity to write our own story and set out both the kind of company; and, the kind of employer we want to be.

We all want to work in an environment where we feel visible, individual achievement is recognised; and, to flourish we need to feel connected to the team and company. As well as all of this, if we believe in the long-term vision of Demica we will want to be part of driving the culture. To paraphrase the words of Mahatma Gandhi, “be the change”.

In the summer of 2018 we began to look at how we presented ourselves to both clients and employees together with how we wanted to be recognised. From an employer’s perspective, we wanted to be sure that in scoping the values of Demica, they would genuinely resonate across the business. We included a number of people in this process from different teams, different business functions; and, different levels of experience and seniority. Ultimately, our decision was to embrace the following values:

Transformative, because we:

  • Are tech Innovators
  • Make it happen
  • Have global ambition


All in, because we:

  • Share a common goal
  • Believe in partnerships
  • Put our heart and soul into everything we do


Empowerment, because we:

  • Hire experts and allow them to do their job
  • Are intellectually curious
  • Are liberated from needless bureaucracy


Integrity, because we:

  • Are straight talking
  • Are respectful in the way in which we carry out our work
  • Are supportive of our colleagues

Of course deciding on our values, and associated behaviours, is only the very start of what this means to us in shaping a work environment to be proud of. Following on from this, we are currently defining what it means to be an employee at Demica. We know that our employee’s passions, interests and lives will evolve over their time with us. In return, we recognise that our relationship with everyone who works at Demica must do the same.

There is so much available material which provides words of wisdom on what it means to create a great employee experience, and yet still more is being written which suggests that there as many answers as there are questions. At Demica, we have looked to ourselves to ask what it is that defines us, and, how we want to interact both with the outside world and with our colleagues.

Put simply, we believe that:

  • If we place individual development needs at the forefront of our people vision, we will set the tone for transformation and innovation; and
  • By striving to deliver our best every day we will create a united workforce who know that they can depend on each other because we are ‘all-in’; and
  • Through empowering our people to take ownership of their role, and recognising achievement they will feel valued; and
  • Integrity is the bedrock of everything we do, building trust between colleagues and management.

All of these things of course must also link to our strategy. What that means in a real sense is that we must hone our ability to communicate what we, as a business, expect from our people in terms of performance and delivery so that we can deliver on our strategy. Like all truly balanced relationships, it’s also for our people to ask what they can expect of us in return. We are confident that we are all focussed on delivering a first class employee experience. Coupled with the determination to offer meaningful challenge, career and skills development, we will strive to be seen as a leader both in our business expertise; and, as the employer of choice in our industry.