The Ins and Outs of SCF and Supplier Onboarding Process

The most important part of Supply Chain Finance is the Supplier Onboarding process. If you don’t have an efficient onboarding process, you won’t be successful in getting your suppliers to take part and benefit from the solution. You can have the perfect Supply Chain Finance platform and funding, but if you can’t get your suppliers on board, the programme will not be successful.

Guests: Enrique Jimenez, Head of Supply Chain Finance at Demica and Brian Shanahan at Informita

Host: James Bowyer, Associate, Demica

The Supplier Onboarding process will determine the success of a Supply Chain Finance programme. Enrique and Brian talk about the drivers for a successful Supplier Onboarding process and share best practices.

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Supplier Onboarding

Key highlights

01:10 – The main problems we are trying to solve

04:02 – Best practices when approaching Suppliers

08:20 – Key challenges that a Supplier Onboarding team face

18:45 – What attracts a Supplier to an SCF programme

27:12 – Managing restrictions

31:58 – KYC and legal documentation

41:46 – Simplification of legal documentation

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