Supplier Onboarding

We provide this service to both corporates and banks. We analyse buyer spend files to present working capital benefits and define the programme’s supplier onboarding strategy. Once the implementation is complete, we onboard suppliers against the relevant requirements.


How we operate

Our state-of-the-art Supplier Onboarding Tool is embedded into the platform, supporting the supplier marketing journey and digital collection of KYC / AML documentation for each funder. The flexible Supplier Onboarding Tool allows marketing content to be customised by programme/language. We offer our supplier onboarding services through our experienced team to define and execute the right strategy.


Maximise supplier uptake

Getting suppliers on board is key to achieve the buyers working capital objectives

Experts by your side

Improve long-term commercial relationship with suppliers

Better alignment within Buyer's team

Provide training to Procurement to align all teams to the same financial objectives

Thought leadership