Over 50 banks and credit institutions fund live transactions on our platform, with an aggregate facility size of over $16bn. Our access to a further 100 prospective firms prepared to join as platform funders gives us the broadest possible access to funding of all trade finance platforms.


How do we find the right investor?

We run a fully competitive distribution process across existing and prospective platform funders. Our fees are fully transparent to all parties, with no hidden skim through the process. Our structuring team helps to shortlist and then appoint the right funders for each programme.

Why Demica is the ideal partner

Market depth

Our team is in constant dialogue with the market, adding $3bn of facilities a year to our platform


Many customers value long-term, sustainable, funding partnerships. Our multi-funder environment facilitates these relationships, while providing flexibility for clients

Global approach

Funders are increasingly regional in approach. We accommodate client needs across geographical regions

Thought leadership