Our Receivables and Approved Payables Finance Products

Demica is the leading global provider for Receivables Financing and Approved Payables Financing programmes. Uniquely in the market, our platform is highly flexible and supports a wide range of products using the International Chamber of Commerce’s trade finance definitions.

Trade Receivables Financing

Seller-led programmes


Trade Receivables Securitisation

An efficient and low-cost way of financing a diversified trade receivables portfolio. Provides corporates with committed funding for up to 5 years


Receivables Finance

Allows a corporate to sell invoices to their chosen funders who finance selected debtors from the seller’s portfolio


Distribution Finance

Allows a seller, such as a large manufacturer or service provider, to finance and extend credit terms to its distributors

Approved Payables Financing

Buyer-led programmes

Payables Finance

Also known as Supply Chain Finance or reverse factoring, where sellers (suppliers) sell approved invoices to a funder at a discount

Dynamic Discounting

Suppliers settle their invoices with the buyer at a dynamically-calculated discount, increasing the buyer's profit

Flexible Settlement

Buyer either extends payment terms beyond original maturity or settles invoices before maturity at a discount

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