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My Demica Internship experience

Aug 27, 2019

Michelle Webola

During my summer break I was fortunate enough to gain an internship at Demica; through an amazing charity organisation called Career Ready. Before I started career ready, I wasn’t initially sure with what I wanted, I had an array of potential ideas of what I wanted my future career to be but with the help of the program (especially my mentor), I was certain that marketing was the right calling for me.

My internship was within Demica’s marketing department and lasted four weeks, during this time, I was able to develop my professionalism and gain insight on a career path that I intend to go into after education. Originally, I didn’t know a lot about trade receivables or how marketing would function within this field of work, but I now understand that marketing plays a huge role within Demica and the work that goes on benefits thousands of businesses around the world.  All members in my department were supportive and helped me not only with my work; but also gain a better understanding of the marketing field, from how it affects our everyday life to the importance of marketing within all businesses.

Overall, my experience was incredible due to all the Staff; from day one I felt extremely included by everyone as they were all so generous and welcoming; typically I’m usually quite an introverted person, however, I quickly came out of my shell, and I wouldn’t have been able to do this without the support from my department and the whole team. Working at Demica has taught me a range of valuable skills that have benefited my day to day life and has undeniably had a positive effect on my future. Once again thank you to everyone at Demica.

Richard Kakayor

I was introduced to Demica, through Career Ready. My work experience at Demica has given me a more detailed insight, on the responsibilities that a software developer carries, and how the work of development can contribute towards the aim and objectives of a business.

I am very grateful to have been given this opportunity to gain experience from working with the development team at Demica. This experience has assisted me to further understand more about software development, and the importance that this challenging role carries.

I hope that many more students get the opportunity to work and experience different corporate positions at Demica, as it is a great opportunity to learn, whilst being productive!