Insight by Demica

Introducing our monthly platform sales metrics to help navigate the recovery

Our platform processes over €90 billion of sales annually. 

To better understand the shape of the recovery from COVID-19, we have launched “Insight” which takes a balanced portfolio of sales data to show monthly industry level performance across Europe.

We have categorised these industries as either stable or thriving through the crisis, impacted and recovering from the shock of the lockdown or stressed and distressed, showing limited signs of recovery.

Platform data summary

Stable or Thriving

Demand for IT equipment needed to power the shift to working from home drives the Q1 surge. Food production and paper packaging continued to provide for to those confined during lockdown with environmental awareness and e-commerce keeping demand stable.

Impacted and Recovering

Increased e-commerce demand goes some way to offset the downfall of industrial activity but the demand for transportation related services is subdued. Chemicals see input cost improvements offset by a dramatic reduction in auto and appliances. Automotive is starting to see some signs of recovery from a historic Q2 collapse in demand.

Stressed and Distressed

Inventories pile up across the sector as demand in most sectors collapses in metals manufacturing. Professional services decline every month since March and construction worryingly shows little sign of recovery outside certain specialist trade sectors.