Receivables Finance

By discounting their receivables corporates are able to accelerate cash flow and reallocate capital to support operational and strategic objectives.

Whether your receivables ledger is highly diversified or concentrated with strategic channel partners, we are able to structure solutions and identify investors to provide you with cross border funding.


Who is it for ?

Our services cater to the needs of corporates with revenues typically in excess of $200m with facilities running on our platform ranging from $30m to over $1b.

We work to understand the composition of your receivables with reference to customer concentrations, ageing balances and dilutions to determine advance rate and provide you committed funding solutions.

Trade Receivables Securitisation Structure

Key benefits:

  • Multi funder capability
  • Cross border funding structures
  • Alternative sources of funding
  • Powerful reporting and automation tools
  • Advisory services to drive price and advance rate
  • Potential to achieve off-balance sheet treatment

How does it work?

Following receipt of our information request we will analyse your data and revert with a presentation detailing alternative funding options and structures.  

Our placement process will typically generate an indicative proposal within a 3-4 week period from which you will be able to make an informed decision.   

Once the funder has communicated their final approval to proceed to documentation we will engage with your IT teams to establish direct data connections. 

Our platform will then allow you access to a multi-funder environment, matching your funding needs (currency, credit limits, geographical requirements) to the investment criteria of your funding partners.


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