MORE Finance

Demica’s dedicated working capital financing vehicle for mid-sized corporates providing facilities of $30-100mn, delivering true cross border financing capabilities on a committed basis with predictable turnaround times.

An ideal financing solution for corporates with diversified pools of receivables and cross border selling entities.


How does it work?

MORE Finance transaction structure

Demica’s financing structure and reporting services reduce execution and ongoing costs whilst improving liquidity for our clients.

With an initial commitment of $300mn from institutional investors for deployment in 2019, this is expected to increase to over $2bn by 2020.

Key benefits of More Finance

  • 3 years’ committed funding
  • Off-balance sheet potential
  • Low operational requirements

Demica’s value proposition

  • Access to non-bank funding at attractive rates
  • Innovative financing offering for the mid-market
  • Non-recourse, true-sale of receivables portfolios

Seller Criteria for MORE Finance

  • Revenues $250mn to $2bn
  • Credit rating CCC to BB+ (actual or implied)
  • Trade receivables  $40mn to $125mn
  • Seller countries  Europe & North America
  • Debtor countries  G20 + selected emerging markets
  • Debtor concentration  Based on S&P methodology, certain limits apply

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