Demica Insight Q4 2020: A New Normal Emerges

05 Feb 21

we examine emerging trends in three industries: IT, automotive and logistics. We include the thoughts of expert panellists from our webinar, in which we covered this ground in more depth. We also consider how corporates can access continued financial support.

Diverse fortunes across sectors

Financing offers a way through

There is cause for optimism though. Demica has seen a strong rise in RFPs, with both banks and corporates interested in how our platform can help them access or fund working capital.

A marked increase in activity towards the end of 2020 demonstrates that despite market turbulence firms are finally getting back to business-as-usual as the world begins to look forward.

A range of financing options is available to underpin economic recovery. Partners including banks and fintechs are ready to help source the most optimal and flexible liquidity in a changing market.

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