Trade Receivables Finance Platform

Using our unique technology platform we can track the performance of millions of invoices and model any receivable finance structure.

Managing over $6bn of receivables facilities, our platform now processes over one million invoices a day, reporting on over 30 securitisation programmes and serving the needs of most of the world’s largest trade banks.



Exciting new platform release

We have recently launched our new release of the receivable platform with extended functionality and intuitive new configuration options.

While continuing to offer reporting services, Demica will now also enable banks to white label the platform, configure their own transactions and run portfolio wide analytics.

Key features

  • Flexible connections to automate corporate data transfer
  • Daily invoice level reconciliation reporting on all receivables
  • Advanced graphical tools to configure any programme structure, eligibility, notes and waterfalls
  • Integration with trade credit insurance limit systems
  • Dashboards showing real time analytics and trend analysis of invoices, debtors, sellers
  • Transaction performance both at a deal and portfolio level
  • Monitoring, notifications, triggers & alerts to improve efficiency in portfolio management
  • Compliant with ESMA reporting requirements
  • Integration with third party AML/ KYC databases, payment gateways, general ledger, risk limits, fx and rates systems
  • Deployment in Microsoft Azure ensuring banking grade resilience, redundancy and information security

How does it work?

For reporting and payment services on a transaction we require circa 6-8 weeks from first contact through to delivery of the reports with a quick indication of pricing within days of the initial consultation.

Following the launch of our new receivables platform we will be able to provide banks with the ability to structure transactions within the platform through the use of powerful configuration tools.

New user interfaces will allow all parties to the transaction to view daily performance of the portfolio and drill down to the invoice level to understand the drivers of the advance rate on the transaction.


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