Platform – NEW

Demica’s platform incorporates granular processing with adaptive user-interfaces for each participant in a transaction.Traditional platforms are limited in their functionality and are compounded with solutions designed based on limited product definitions. Data was rarely customised for a relevant party and processing of information was delayed, not enabling real-time, proactive risk management for banks.

Demica’s platform enables different methods of syndication or distribution. Risk management via syndication, the utilisation of multiple funders, is critical in the allocation of risk however existing platform configurations and functionality are often too limited. This restrictive functionality does not provide a dynamic, simplified approach for funders to syndicate risk in a singular platform on a timely basis.

The platform, supported by our financial and technological professionals, can provide flexible reporting to tailor the outputted data for optimal use by banking professionals.


Demica is the award-winning working capital platform of choice for regional and large global banks for the following reasons:

  • Scalability – utilisation of the Azure Cloud compounded by syndication capabilities within the platform caters for increased transactions demands and corresponding risk mitigation
  • Flexibility – our platform can harness data from multiple ERP systems across numerous operating companies based in varying jurisdictions to support working capital financing programmes
  • Processing power – continual investment in data-processing technologies coupled with payment and ERP systems interfacing allows our platform to currently handle over 6.5 million invoices a day
  • Support services  – working capital professionals, being assisted by SaaS-based support technologies, address and manage all levels of client queries

How does it work?

Demica delivers our technology platform solutions through a dedicated team of product specialists and project managers, responsible for requirements gathering and implementation, working alongside with our technology team who is responsible for including tailored features and functionality.

Demica’s flexible platform interfaces allows us to provide our bank clients with a white-label or a Demica branded version of our platform.

Our instance of the platforms is implemented in six phases:

  • Requirements Gathering
  • Configuration of the platform
  • Internal Testing and quality assurance
  • User Acceptance Testing and client sign-off
  • Implementation and creation of the production environment
  • Project and on-going support