FCI – the global industry association for open account receivables finance has selected Demica’s platform to provide Supply Chain Finance to close to 400 members.

The platform is available for access either on a transactional basis or can be white labelled to accommodate the specific requirements of the member firm.


Delivering a global solution

FCIreverse accommodates the onboarding of suppliers in over 90 countries around the world through FCI member firms.

This enables financial institutions to efficiently manage KYC and legal related barriers associated with supplier onboarding which is achieved through an innovative “four-corner model”.


The four-corner model (Global SCF programmes)

This innovative model supports multinational supply chain finance programmes by including financial institutions in both the buyer’s and suppliers’ markets. These collaborate to facilitate supplier onboarding and share revenues in line with an agreed structure.

Key benefits of FCI Reverse

For Buyers

  • A unique SCF solution with a funding network in 90 countries to serve supply chains in their entirety
  • Available from all FCI members including major financial institutions
  • Ensures that the benefits of a SCF programme are felt across the “long tail” of suppliers

For Suppliers

  • Uncomplicated onboarding with local partners who understand local needs
  • Access to competitively costed funding worldwide
  • Multi currency, multi lingual and multi jurisdictional

For FCI members

  • Overcomes the longstanding SCF challenge of aligning funding and onboarding coverage with the geographic profile of international supply chains
  • A cost-effective solution with limited up front investment
  • Deployment times from as little as two weeks from agreement of financing documents

How does it work?

Our platform is able to onboard a financial institution local to the buyer (“Anchor (import factor) member”) who will establish the credit line for the buyer.

Thereafter the FCI network can be leveraged to identify funders (“Correspondent (export factor) member”) who will onboard suppliers local to them. The export factor will be guaranteed on the buyer risk by the import factor.

The Demica team is available to all FCI members to help evaluate the cost benefits associated with deployment of the product. The funder (member) onboarding process is resource efficient and simple and need not start until a programme has been identified.

Our product experts will work with your teams on prospects identified by Demica across the network to tailor corporate FCI Reverse programmes.


FCI Reverse

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