Payables financing – assessing third-party platforms vs in-house solutions.

13 Nov 20


  • Andrew Holmes, Head of Origination – North America at Demica
  • Angel Merino, Executive Director at BBVA
  • Daniel Son – Head of Global Banking at US Bank
  • Moderator: Steven Van der Hooft – Co-founder at Capital Chains

When considering options for third party collaborations there are many; from outsourcing IT technology to renting, buying, building or even a combination of the two – Going from limited options and resources a few years ago to now having a broad range of possibilities that corporates and banks can choose from.

The key drivers from a bank’s perspective when selecting a technology platform while an internal process, must focus on the end users – internal end users (the teams that will be using the technology to execute transactions for their clients) and the external end users (the clients). Another key driver is how the technology fits in with their own technology eco systems. Winning the hearts and minds of the internal user is paramount which then leads to the overall experience of the client.

Quick deployment and leveraging third party internal structures to help to connect the different countries and banks all over the world are also fundamental things to consider.

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