FCIreverse goes live!

22 May 2018

Demica News

Amsterdam, London, 22 May 2018 - FCI, the global representative body for the Open Account Factoring and Receivables Finance Industry together with Demica, the leading independent global provider of Working Capital Solutions, signed a framework legal agreement to allow FCI members to access to the FCIreverse Platform. Leveraging Demica’s best in class technology and FCI’s global network of inter-factor relationships this will enable FCI members to onboard buyers and suppliers in a transparent and seamless manner anywhere in the world. This is the first ever SCF agreement signed between a global trading network and a major technology partner.

FCI Reverse will allow FCI members to expand their service offering both for domestic and international business through FCI’s unique global network of nearly 400 members in 90 countries.  Pilot members have been identified and testing of the platform will now commence.  FCIreverse will be made available to all members at the end of the pilot stage, estimated to be completed by year-end. 

FCI celebrates its 50th anniversary by launching a second business line that opens the world to FCIreverse. Details of FCIreverse and SCF in general will be presented during FCI’s 50th annual meeting in Amsterdam, 10-15th June 2018. 

For more information about FCIreverse, please contact FCIreverse@fci.nl 

About FCI

Founded in 1968, FCI is the global representative body for factoring and financing of open account domestic and international trade receivables. With close to 400 member companies in 90 countries, FCI offers a unique network for cooperation in cross-border factoring. In 2016, FCI entered into a union with International Factors Group (IFG) to create a combined global factoring network representing 90 per cent of cross-border factoring revenues worldwide.  

About Demica

Demica is a rapidly growing Fintech providing working capital solutions to large corporates and banks with a broad range of receivables, inventory and payables finance products. The company focuses on banks and multinational corporates all over the world, across industries and sectors, requiring facilities from $50m - $750m+.  Today, over $9bn of funding is outstanding on the platform, provided by a diverse range of banks and institutional investors.

About SCF

Supply Chain Finance is defined as the use of financing and risk mitigation practices and techniques to optimise the management of the working capital and liquidity invested in supply chain processes and transactions. SCF is typically applied to open account trade and is triggered by supply chain events. Visibility of underlying trade flows by the finance provider(s) is a necessary component of such financing arrangements which can be enabled by a technology platform.