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13 Jul 2017
Media Coverage interviews Demica’s CEO, Matt Wreford, on the recently announced partnership with the FCI and the launch of FCIreverse.
27 Jun 2017
Media Coverage
FCI, the global representative body for factoring and financing of open account domestic and international trade receivables, announces that its new supply chain initiative FCIreverse will be based on the Demica platform.
25 Apr 2017
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Angel Blanco discusses the benefits of working capital management for Private Equity firms, their portfolio companies and, acquisition targets.
10 Apr 2017
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Giovanni Lazzeri provides an overview of the developing financial landscape where NBFIs are using technology platforms to automate reporting on specific investments.
27 Mar 2017
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In this article, Karel Krejci provides his 10 tips for procurement and treasury teams when considering Supply Chain Finance programmes.
26 Jan 2017
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Two out of the 15 winners run on Demica’s technology platform, across regional and technology categories.
01 Dec 2016
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In this article, Mansour Davarian reflects on the current financial situation within the logistics sector and explains how treasurers can utilise working capital programmes to release cash, reduce debt and improve covenant headroom.
16 Nov 2016
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Demica has seen substantial growth and development since it was purchased by a private equity consortium two years ago. Our market-leading financing platform has had exceptional growth in the past two years, growing its assets under administration by 130% to US$5bn.
02 Nov 2016
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Demica has completed the move of its client infrastructure to the cloud to handle an expected doubling of volume in the next three months as new clients join the platform and existing client requirements increase.
26 Oct 2016
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In this article, Marc Wolf explains what benefits trade receivables securitisation brings to corporates and how they can optimise the funding through adding alternative financing sources to a securitisation programme.