Supply Chain Finance

Specialised Global Steel Company Implements SCF Programme

Steel - Europe and the United States
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A highly-specialised steel company producing high strength, quenched and tempered steels, strip, plate and other construction materials, with over 20,000 employees operating across Asia, Europe and the Americas has selected Demica to launch a market leading Supply Chain Finance solution.

The company selected Demica based on our solutions highly intuitive, feature rich, platform and integrated onboarding tool, enabling the company to achieve significant penetration across its supply chain when compared to other providers. Demica’s solution also offers a multi-funder platform and mitigates counterparty risk, enabling the company to migrate suppliers between funders should this be required.

Demica’s Supply Chain Finance platform also enabled the company to offer dynamic discounting to suppliers, facilitating stronger relationships between the company and its supplier’s while also generating revenue on capital deployed.

Demica integrated with the client’s ERP system, along with the selected funders, offering early payment on invoices at attractive rates based on Demica's extensive supplier analysis.  

The net result of the programme was: 

  • Access to a cheaper cost of funds for the suppliers;
  • Significant working capital benefit for the Company;
  • Scalable programme with the ability to add additional funders.

Annual volume
1 years
Length of relationship
20 / 600
Number of buyers / suppliers