Lead Developer – Trade Receivable Finance

Location: London, United Kingdom

Role overview:

You will be required to lead development projects in a Software Engineering Team, specialising in microservices running Spring Boot, MySQL and a back-end engine in Apache Spark and Scala. You will also be continuing the last phase of decommissioning a Sybase SQL application. As a Team Leader you will be required to plan, review and coordinate development activities across the delivery lifecycle, therefore the ability to work independently with high levels of attention to detail will be essential.

The role also involves coordinating microservice architectural design, as well as working directly with Project Managers, Architects and Developers. You will be required to conduct code reviews, therefore being able to code using Scala/Spark and SQL is essential to the role. For the same reason, an understanding of Front-End technologies such as Angular, Docker and Kubernetes are also prerequisites, as these are the technologies in which the platform is deployed. The third phase of the new TRF product will be to flush the data out of the Spark engine and into a Data Lake. This will enable analytics and machine learning for pattern recognition among other requirements.

You and your team will specialise in developing our Trade Receivables Securitisation platform. Whilst facing a wide range of challenges across different projects, you will also have the opportunity to influence the future direction of our TRS system at Demica.

Main duties:

  • Managing the delivery of complex TRS projects from design through to final project
  • Understanding technical design, implementation and deployment of development projects
  • Leading your project in coding using Scala/SQL and Java with the ability to remove bugs and defects
  • Conducting in depth code reviews, giving effective feedback to your team
  • Integration of internal system development projects through understanding Front-End in Angular
  • Translate User Stories into working software and have expertise on microservice architectural design
  • Provide in depth progress updates to the senior management and technology team, including Investigate new technologies and continually update technical knowledge and skills


A degree in Computer Science/Software Engineering or an equivalent discipline


  • You will demonstrable experience as a Software Developer in a management/team lead position
  • Explicit experience in Java, Spark and Scala technologies with knowledge of relational database concepts and SQL beyond simple queries
  • Have demonstrated competence in working under continuous deployment projects in a structured environment
  • Able to define delivery phases of the project including sub-activities and milestones, documented for progress upgrade reports to senior project managers
  • Experience in microservice architecture and software design, Docker, Kubernetes is essential
  • Understanding front-end solutions coded in Angular and Bootstrap
  • You will be confident and competent in leading a team successfully; giving instruction where necessary
  • Mentor and coach junior developers
  • Work independently and proactively by looking for details and answers and not just waiting patiently for a reply
  • Experience in MQ, however, not a prerequisite

Personal Culture/Fit:

  • Entrepreneurial
  • Motivator
  • Critical thinker
  • Collaborative
  • Proactive
  • Leader
  • Teamwork